Easy PowerPoint Recovery

Easy PowerPoint Recovery 2

Recover PowerPoint presentations

Recover PowerPoint presentations

Easy PowerPoint Recovery is a powerful application for restoring PowerPoint files, whether they are damaged or deleted. The program has the most comprehensive and reliable algorithms in its core and has the ability to recover PowerPoint files even if the data has been formatted. The main force is Raw Search which scans the hard drive and extracts all possible data even in case the filesystem is corrupted. PowerPoint format is known to the algorithm and it can recognize and restore the information using known signatures. The damaged PPT file can also be uploaded and recovered.

The program shows the contents before the recovery and if they are visible, the files can be restored. The slides must be fully visible.

The program was developed for Windows and works with Unicode. Deleted slides can be recovered even from the emptied Recycle Bin. The program offers an automated scan and recovery process which makes it easy to use. As much data as possible can be recovered and the order and the format of the presentations can be preserved if it still exists on the drive physically. The program works with both deleted and damaged PowerPoint files equally well.

Easy PowerPoint Recovery targets all types of users, both professional and home users.